Column: Michigan misspells "All-American" on purpose

When Michigan lands its next five-star recruit, I’m sure Brady Hoke will send personal thank you notes to each media outlet that publicized the Wolverines’ recent recruiting flier.

This past week Michigan mailed a custom ESPN The Magazine cover to Detroit Cass Tech standout Mike Weber. The cover features Weber in a U-M uniform along with the phrases “The Man of the Year” and “Big Time Players Play in the Big House.”mweber

Another saying on the cover misspells “All-American” as in “Michigan’s All-American RB Mike Weber.”

Trolls on the internet went crazy over this on Tuesday. National media pundits thought it was hilarious. How does Michigan, a top university, mail something with a misspelling on it?

To be honest, the flier is sub par and far from original. Michigan’s marketing department is capable of doing better, and they have done better in the past.

I’m not saying that I know this for a fact, but Michigan misspelled “All-American” on purpose.

There’s no better way to keep the winged helmet on the minds of recruits than by garnering national pub.

Websites such as Bleacher Report, SB Nation, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and even ESPN blogged about the error. That’s great for Michigan. All press is good press, any business leader will tell you that.

But those sites pale in comparison to the news outlets like the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Washington Post which also covered the spelling blunder.

According to, NFL teams drafted 22 college football players last week who are originally from Metro Atlanta. currently has seven 2015 recruits from Georgia listed in its top 50. reported Tuesday that Notre Dame is dying to schedule Georgia for merely the recruiting exposure alone (e.g. why it plays against Stanford and USC each year).

This offseason Michigan received a verbal commitment from four-star cornerback Garett Taylor (Richmond, Va.), while it also signed four-star Freddy Canteen (Elkton, Md.), three-star Wilton Speight (Richmond, Va.), three-star Brandon Watson (Elkton, Md.), three-star Juwann Bushell-Beatty and five-star Jabrill Peppers (Paramus, N.J.) for its 2014 class. All of those players live within the Washington Post’s newspaper circulation.

Michigan just received free, front-page coverage from leading media outlets in each of those recruiting hot beds.

Thousands of recruits saw that sweet Photoshop of Weber on their local news sites today. They’re now interested in Michigan more than they were yesterday.

You can call Hoke an idiot, and I’ll continue to admire his prowess as a recruiter.

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